OpenPeer Rewards Campaign (OLD)

Notice: $vP2P rewards have been deprecated and all balances have been converted to OpenPeer points. More info can be read here:

OpenPeer Rewards is our first retroactive airdrop campaign for early users of the OpenPeer protocol. All users that trade on OpenPeer will be eligible to qualify for $vP2P rewards, which will be later redeemable for $P2P once it goes live on exchanges.

September Rewards

Each month a percentage of the total token supply will go into the airdrop campaign to be split amongst participants. For September, 0.1% of all tokens (1,000,000 $vP2P) will be added to the reward pool. These rewards will be processed at the end of the month and be available to claim. 

In other words, you will receive the $vP2P that you have earned in your wallet at the end of the month. 

More on Rewards

The reward mechanism is based on volume. A simple calculation to determine your $vP2P holding is as follows:

volumeRewardPerUser (in $vP2P) = (UserTradedVolume / TotalTradedVolume) * 1,000,000

Next month more ways to earn or multiply earnings will be introduced including multipliers for sellers and NFT holders. More tokens will be added to the reward pool each month as the number of users and trade volume increases.

Rewards FAQ

Is $vP2P tradeable?

No, $vP2P is a non-transferrable token. It can only be redeemed for the $P2P token once it is released. $P2P will be a fully transferable token with governance rights and additional staking mechanisms.

What is the value of $vP2P?

$vP2P has no value. It is redeemable for $P2P which will be valued based on what it is purchased and sold for on decentralised and centralised exchanges in the future.

When will $vP2P be redeemable for $P2P?

$vP2P will be redeemable for $P2P soon after the token launch. As of now, there is no set date for this, though it will most likely happen before July 2024. $vP2P released through the rewards campaign will have no vesting conditions.

What is the $P2P token?

$P2P will be the native token for the OpenPeer protocol. It will be used to participate in different mechanisms of the protocol as well as used to incentivize loyalty from users and the community. OpenPeer is a decentralised P2P exchange protocol and $P2P will also be used for governance purposes.

Notice: Residents of the United States of America, China, Iran, Cuba, Democratic Republic of North Korea, Russia and Syria are restricted from claiming tokens.