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  • OpenPeer Merchant Incentive Program

    OpenPeer Merchant Incentive Program

    In many parts of the world where crypto adoption is exploding, P2P merchants are the lifeblood of the ecosystem. Without them users wouldn’t have a way to trade between fiat and crypto. It’s why we value them so much at OpenPer. Today we’re excited to launch our Merchant Incentive Program, rewarding merchants for their contribution…

  • OpenPeer Rewards Campaign (OLD)

    OpenPeer Rewards Campaign (OLD)

    Notice: $vP2P rewards have been deprecated and all balances have been converted to OpenPeer points. More info can be read here: OpenPeer Rewards is our first retroactive airdrop campaign for early users of the OpenPeer protocol. All users that trade on OpenPeer will be eligible to qualify for $vP2P rewards, which will be later…

  • OpenPeer Public Beta is Live!

    OpenPeer Public Beta is Live!

    gm world! πŸŒ… We’re excited to announce the launch of OpenPeer’s public beta – a self-custodial and decentralised P2P exchange. Built on top of the OpenPeer protocol – we exist to empower people globally to connect and trustlessly trade between crypto and fiat currencies. Unlike centralised P2P exchanges and platforms, OpenPeer is entirely self-custodial. Funds…