From Buenos Aires to Jakarta: Mapping the P2P Crypto Explosion in Five Nations


The global rise of P2P crypto trading has seen certain nations emerge as hotspots. India, Pakistan, Argentina, Nigeria and Indonesia are countries that are are not just participating in the crypto movement but actively shaping it.

These handful of countries constitute the most engaged group of P2P users anywhere in the world. Here’s a closer look at the P2P crypto landscapes of these countrie sand the unique factors fueling their growth.

India: UPI’s Revolution and a Tech-Savvy Demographic

India’s UPI system has revolutionized online payments, making transactions swift and seamless. Its adoption has created an environment conducive to P2P crypto trading. Furthermore, India’s massive young and tech-savvy population is actively exploring decentralized financial avenues.

Coupled with increasing digital literacy and growing entrepreneurial ventures in the crypto space, India’s P2P market is bustling with activity and innovation. This growth hasn’t come without a cost, though. While P2P crypto activity is booming, so are the P2P scams, which have made several merchants take a step back or stop P2P trading altogether.

Pakistan: Digital Inclusion and the Rise of Crypto Education

Pakistan’s move towards digital financial inclusion, driven by mobile banking and digital payment platforms, has set the stage for a growing interest in cryptocurrencies.

The nation is witnessing grassroots campaigns promoting crypto literacy, making more people aware of its benefits and potential. Moreover, the country’s younger generation sees cryptocurrencies not just as an investment but also as a symbol of financial freedom and autonomy in a rapidly digitizing world.

Argentina: Economic Turbulence and the Quest for Stability

Facing persistent economic challenges, including one of the highest inflation rates globally, Argentinians are increasingly looking at cryptocurrencies. These digital assets offer them a semblance of stability and hope in uncertain times.

The P2P crypto market in Argentina is also driven by a desire for financial sovereignty, as people look for alternatives to traditional banking systems that are often entwined with economic policies and restrictions.

Nigeria: Resilient P2P Trading Amidst Regulatory Hurdles and Economic Challenges

Despite regulatory challenges, Nigeria’s P2P market remains resilient. The nation’s struggle with inflation and the quest for alternatives to the devaluing Naira has boosted crypto adoption. Local payment methods such as Bank Transfers, Quickteller, and mobile money fuel P2P trading.

Nigeria’s vast youth demographic, passionate about decentralized finance, further drives the market. The added benefit of cryptocurrencies facilitating swift and cost-effective remittances for the sizable Nigerian diaspora cements its position in the P2P landscape.

Indonesia: Middle-Class Aspirations and Regulatory Evolution

Indonesia’s burgeoning middle class, with its investment aspirations, has turned its attention to cryptocurrencies. While initial regulations were skeptical, recent shifts signal a enthusiastic acceptance. That the country launched a state-backed cryptocurrency exchange is a clear sign of this.

As one of the most populous nations globally, Indonesia’s market potential for P2P crypto trading is immense. Growing internet penetration and the rise of fintech further bolster the country’s crypto landscape.


There are some common threads among all these countries — a growing youth population that is open to crypto assets, an unstable economy/local currency, and a large number of people who are living abroad and would like to send money back home.

On the flip side, these attitudes are being countered by everything from governments hesitating to clarify their stance on crypto to increasing P2P scams. Yet the growth shows no signs on stopping.

The P2P crypto landscape across these nations is a testament to global economic shifts, technological advances, and evolving regulatory stances. Each nation, with its unique challenges and solutions, contributes to a broader global narrative—a financial revolution led by cryptocurrencies.

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